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Last Lake

last_lakeFrom Smoky Lake, far down the Still River system lies Last Lake, a shallow, weedy, timber-strewn lake that offers exceptional bass fishing. The shallows and shoreline areas are littered with stumps, logs and blowdowns, perfect cover for bass and northern pike. Water depths seldom exceed 7 or 8 feet, and oftentimes, fish are holding tight to cover in just 2 to 5 feet of water.

Fishing the “LogJam” as it is sometimes called, is no simple chore, and the heavy cover and potential for a really big bass call for heavier tackle. Baitcasting gear and 12 to 17 lb-test line are not too much. Fishing heavy cover also means fishing each individual piece of cover slowly, thoroughly. Pitchin’ a spinnerbait, flippin’s a jig & pig, or working a plastic worm or lizard right in the thick of it will consistently put big bass on the line. Wait until mid-morning, however, so that sunlight will drive bass under the cover and make them easier to locate. Working down one shoreline and back along the other will take a whole day – maybe longer.