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Noganosh Lake

noganosh_lakeLeaving Smoky Lake via “The Narrows” leads directly to Noganosh Lake and, perhaps, some of the best fishing lake on the entire Still River system. With ideal structural features, diverse shoreline cover, and a myriad of back bays to explore and fish, Noganosh has what it takes to produce excellent fishing and trophy fish – smallmouth & largemouth bass, northern pike.

The best largemouth bass fishing on Noganosh comes from the timber – the many blowdowns, logs and stumps which litter the shoreline. As elsewhere, casting a spinnerbait or pitchin’ a plastic worm or lizard into the heavy cover is the best way to coax the lake’s big bass – both smallmouth and largemouth – out to play. However, when the wind blows a bit, or if skies are overcast, the lake’s many islands, points and shoals will produce outstanding smallmouth bass fishing. Here, minnows always outperform everything else.